Nutritional Supplement Affiliates

Never before has an affiliate marketing program been so simple and easy to use as it is with the VitaMonk affiliate program. If you are ready to monetize your website and make easy money, look no further than our site. This program allows you to target the members of your audience who are interested in bettering their health and fitness levels with very high quality supplements. Our products are in high demand by those living a healthy lifestyle, and that can help you make money through us with ease.


This affiliate program is designed to bring in the most revenue for you as possible. By giving you 10 percent of each sale that comes from your site, you can make more money than you would on many any other affiliate programs, as this is the higher end of the industry standard.


To track the customers that come from your site, we will give you a URL that is special to your site. This URL will identify the specific traffic that comes from your website by putting a temporary cookie on the browser of your audience that clicks on the link. For each sale generated by your clients within the first 90 days of clicking that link, you will receive credit for the sale and be paid out at the end of the month.


We constantly optimize the way that we market and retarget audiences to ensure that we are reaching the maximum number of people that we possibly can. This will mean that you are being exposed to the most opportunity for getting sales on our site, therefore making the most money that you can. With our money back guarantee on our products, your audience can feel confident in their decision to follow that link, so get started making money with us today. Become an Affiliate of VitaMonk Today.